Start up-Initiatives

  • In 1975, the first Horton Sphere in Gujarat refinery was being commissioned displacing the air to atmosphere by fuel gas. This was risky and lot of fuel was wasted. I suggested method to fill up the sphere with water and start draining from the bottom with gas back up from top. Now this method is being applied everywhere.
  • Till 1976, Catalytic Reforming Unit at Gujarat Refinery was operated at low severity to preserve the life of the platinum catalyst resulting into low Benzene/Toluene yields. In consultation with catalyst suppliers, I could convince the management upto chairman level that by operating at high severity we can accrue huge benefits without damaging the catalyst. Accordingly, the unit was operated at high severity and continuous chloriding of catalyst was started to maintain its activity. Production of Benzene + Toluene increased by 50%.
  • At Guwahati Refinery, I initiated “Quality Circle” concept where the workers from each unit Sit once in a week to discuss problems happening in their departments and come out with solution to be implemented by management once the suggestion is accepted. This gave very good results as lot of safety and maintenance issues got resolved in short time and house-keeping improved to a great extent. Guwahati Refinery won award in All India Quality Circle Competition held in Kanpur in 1993.
  • Introduced the system of both side printing for taking out photocopies of official documents which reduced the paper cost considerably.Using of backside of computer print out for rough work also helped in reducing the cost.
  • At Mathura as ED, I started visit to shop floor of the plants to address the employees. This brought a major change in mindset of the employees as they were confronted with current scenario in the oil industry in India and how competition with private refineries was posing threat to the survival of old refineries.
  • Till 2005, there was no proper attendance/punching system at Mathura Refinery due to Non-Cooperation from union. On pretext of safety and security of Refinery, I could convince them to start card swapping and almost after 20 years of refinery start-up, the card swapping could start in February 2005.
  • In R&D centre, till I joined as Director (R&D), there was no focus on commercialization of technologies developed therein I explained to them that being a commercial organization whatever we do in R&D should be beneficial to Indian Oil as well as it should have the market value. We could start selling the technologies from 2005 onwards.
  • In order to demonstrate feasibility of mixing Hydrogen in CNG and its benefits in reducing the vehicular emissions, a demo plant for dispensation of the mixture of Hydrogen & Natural Gas was set-up in R&D centre in 2005 and a one car was operated on this mixture.
  • R&D centre along with TERI had developed microbes which could decompose oil present in the oily sludge. By using this technology we took the initiative for safe bio-remediation of the oily sludge lying in various Indian Oil locations. Later on, we could even offer this technology to other companies. This helped in making the refineries clean & safe.
  • IN R&D, we took initiative to try blend of Petroleum Diesel & Bio-diesel. Even Railway R&D centre in collaboration with Indian Oil carried out trial with Bio-diesel to reduce the sulphur emission from locomotives.
  • In Business Development, it was all passionate & innovative ideas that pushed the group to success and we could compete with other major companies in petrochemicals. Full credit goes to the team of BD group.
  • “LNG at door-step” was a unique initiative taken by BD group of Indian Oil to transport LNG in cryogenic tankers from Dahej LNG terminal to the customers.




  • Avid Golf Player
  • Like to listen old Hindi Songs.
  • Take keen interest in social activities. Executive Committee Member of Bharat Lok Shiksha Parishad. As NGO, it runs Ekal Vidyalayas in rural to tribal areas of India.
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  • Instrumental in constructing the community centre in native village-SarurPur
  • Also , helping poor children with books and tuitions.